POKEMON Omega Ruby Unlocked

  • All 721 Pokémon
  • 169 Extra Pokémon 
  • Events & Legendries
  • Max Cash,
  • Battle Points, & Pokemiles
  • 995X of All Items
  • Full PokeDex
  •  Customize Your Pokemon
  • & Trainer Options


Cleaned and Tested Copy of Pokemon Omega Ruby for the Nintendo 3DS, 2DS, and 3DSXL.

All 721 Legit Pokemon 

All 721 Pokemon: Bulbasaur through Volcanion are 100% Legal, with Perfect IVs, Competitive Natures, Competitive EV Spread, Competitive Move sets, and Complementary Held Items) With 169 Additional Pokemon. 

  • 721 Pokemon
  • 73 Alternate Pokemon Forms
  • 64 Additional Nonshiny Legendary Pokemon
  • 20 Shiny Starters from Gen 1 thru Gen 6 at Level 5 and a Level 15 Magikarp
  • 6 Shiny Dittos and 6 non-shiny Dittos with unique natures
  • ALL Pokemon SUN and MOON transferable
  • All Pokemon are PokeBank Transferable


You can request the following options after placing your order (optional):

If you don't send customization details you'll be given the Trainer name "Ash", Male, Shiny Pokemon at Tiered Levels

  1. Trainer Name (up to 12 characters) 
  2. Trainer Gender (Male or Female)​​
  3. All Pokemon Shiny or Nonshiny (will not effect shiny-locked Pokemon or Events)
  4. Level Options ("Tiered Levels 98-100" "Earliest Level Possible" or "Max Level 100" )

Level Option 1: All Pokemon "Tiered Levels". Pokemon That do not evolve are level 100. Pokemon that would require a level or two to reach it's final evolution stage (level 98 or 99) for each remaining evolution. This will prevent Pokemon from being forever stuck in a previous evolution if you ever choose to evolve them.

​Level Option 2: All Pokemon at the earliest level possible for maximum control.

Level Option 3: All Pokemon at "Level 100" All 721 Pokemon will be at level 100.


Our Policies

Genuine Nintendo Games

  • We only sell official Nintendo Pokemon games. This ensures that the games are fully compatible and have absolutely zero chance of data corruption.
  • All of our games are 100% Guaranteed to work and never have data corruption.
  • All of our used games are thoroughly inspected and tested to make sure they are working properly. The games are also professionally cleaned to ensure they are in top working condition.