Pokemon Y

All 721 Pokemon

890 Pokemon w/ Events & Legendaries

Max Cash, Battle Points, & Pokemiles 

900X of All Items (Masterballs, Berries, Evolutionary Items, Rare Candies, Mega Stones, Held Battling Items)

Customize Your Pokemon & Trainer Options

                                                                                                                                    Full PokeDex


Cleaned and Tested Copy of Pokemon Y for the Nintendo 3DS, 2DS, and 3DSXL.

All 721 Pokemon: Bulbasaur through Volcanion are 100% Legal (Battle Ready, 6IV, Competitive Natures, Proper EV Spread, Competitive Movesets and Complementary Held Items)

Pokemon SUN and MOON transferable

73 Alternate Pokemon Forms

64 Additional Nonshiny Legendary Pokemon

20 Shiny Starters from Gen 1 thru Gen 6 at Lvl 5 and a Lvl 15 Magikarp

6 Shiny Dittos and 6 non-shiny Dittos with unique natures

All Pokemon are PokeBank Transferable

Customization: Choose your Trainer specifics and Pokemon selections below.

By default the 721 Pokemon are Shiny , 

All 721 Pokemon, All Items, a Full National PokeDex and more! The game has everything you need to become a true Pokemon Master. The file is saved a few minutes into the game at the first Pokemon Center, so you'll be able to play through the entire story!

All 721 Legal Pokemon

By default all 721 Pokemon are shiny (besides shiny-locked Pokemon) and are 100% unique and legal. You can request nonshiny Pokemon. The Pokemon will also match your trainer info just as you hatched or caught them yourself. There is one empty box included so you can catch your own Pokemon or move Pokemon around easily.


Battle Ready

All Pokemon have correct natures, EVs, Moves, abilities, held item, ect (mostly based on the newest Smogon Strategies). At least 2 of every Legendary Pokemon are included, each unique, with a different Smogon set.


You can request the following options after placing your order (optional):

If you don't send customization details you'll be given the Trainer name "Ash", Male, Shiny Pokemon at Tiered Levels.

  • Trainer Name (up to 12 alpha-numeric characters)
  • Trainer Gender (Male or Female)
  • All Pokemon Shiny or Nonshiny (will not effect shiny-locked Pokemon or Events)
  • Level Options ("Max Levels" or "Tiered Levels")

Level Option 1:

All Pokemon "Tiered Levels". Almost all of the Pokemon will be level 100 besides Pokemon that would require a level or two to reach it's final evolution stage (so some Pokemon might be at level 98 or 99). This will prevent Pokemon from being forever stuck in a previous evolution if you ever choose to evolve them.

Level Option 2:

All Pokemon at "Level 100" All 721 Pokemon will be at level 100.

Special Requests.

I can also do special request based on the tables below. I can apply any edit in the Option Table to any groups in the Groups table.

If you have more specifics request that don't use these tables I might be able to work with you and provide it. More advanced customizations will cost extra so contact before buying!

1st Evolutions.
2nd Evolution.
3rd Evolution.
Pokemon that don't evolve.
Legendary Pokemon.
Please make sure to specify how you'd like Pokemon with only 2 Evolutions stages handled. They can be edited as 2 separate groups.
Untrained (zero EVs).
Shiny or Nonshiny. 1
Set Level. 2
All Male or Female. 3
  1. Shiny-Locked Pokemon will still be nonshiny no matter what.
  2. High level recommended. Tho leveling up will make illegal Pokemon legal again.
  3. Excludes genderless, male only, or female only Pokemon.
  4. Options will not effect Event Pokemon.

 Our Policies

Genuine Nintendo Games.
  • We only sell official Nintendo Pokemon games. This ensures that the games are fully compatible and have absolutely zero chance of data corruption. It may be slightly difficult to notice the difference between a counterfeit and the real thing. However, if you look closely, you can see the difference. These bootlegs may look close to the real thing on the outside, but the internals are much cheaper and will always have data corruption.
  • 100% Guaranteed.
  • All of our games are 100% Guaranteed to work and never have data corruption. There is also a Full Warranty available for free with every game.
  • Cleaned and Tested.
  • All of our used games are thoroughly inspected and tested to make sure they are working properly. The games are also professionally cleaned to ensure they are in top working condition.